Serving the Children of the World
In order to carry out all the projects that Kiwanis is involved with throughout the year, each member is asked to join one or more committees.

Name Chairs Description
Board of Directors
Raub, Gabriele
Gage, Kevin P
Conduct the business of the club. Oversee committees.
Community Services
Diacovo, Joseph
Rosenberg, Donna
Kiwanis is a community-service oriented organization. Our community services committee is our outreach liaison, finding worthwhile projects within the community that need our support. Examples include underwriting park equipment, community cleanup events and senior citizen dinner.
Executive Committee
Raub, Gabriele
Gage, Kevin P
The executive committee is comprised of all the club officers, the president, president-elect, vice president, immediate past president, secretary and treasurer, and is charged with making executive decisions when time is of the essence and the entire board cannot be called into session. The committee sets goals and plans and brings them before the board.
Hall, Matt
Broskie, Tara
The Finance Committee prepares the annual proposed budget after receiving budget requests from the committee chairs, then presents the proposed budget to the Board for approval. The committee is responsible to oversee all finances of the club with particular focus on related finance subcommittees. The committee provides advice to the board on all financial matters.
Finance / Audit
Spearman, Bill
Mazzei, Steve
The audit committee is comprised entirely of members who are not on the finance committee, who review the books from time to time, at the direction of the of the Board, to ensure that the records are being properly kept and there are no discrepancies therein. They are required to conduct an informal audit annually and recommend periodic formal audits.
Finance / Golf
Rosenberg, Donna
Buckman, Genevieve
This committee organizes and conducts the annual golf tournament as a social event and fundraiser for the Administration Account.
Finance / Kapers
Blair, Sheila
Gage, Kevin P
This committee manages the details of the annual Kiwanis Kapers with the goal of raising funds for the Service Account, and awareness of, the organization. While those on the committee do the work leading up to Kapers week, all members of the club are expected to to participate in some capacity during Kapers week.
Finance / Kapers - Program Book Subcommittee
Blair, Sheila
Gage, Kevin P
Coordinate the solicitation of ads and manage the process to produce a high revenue, cost effective program book on a timely basis.
Finance / Kingston Classic
Swart, Ron
Radel, Lynn
This committee manages the details of the annual Kiwanis Kingston Classic, including as liaison to the HITS organization with the goal of raising capital for the Service Account, and awareness of, the organization. While those on the committee do the work leading up to the Classic, all members of the club are expected to participate in some capacity.
Finance / One Ask
Fay, Joe
Mazzei, Steve
Special Kiwanis sponsorship that enables supporters to provide support for Kapers, Classic and Golf in a single transaction and avoids multiple requests.
Finance / Other Fundraising
Howells, Dave
Morris, Laurie A
Design and implement fundraising efforts with minimum impact on club resources and/or other major fundraising efforts, but with maximum returns; all the while keeping a happy, positive, uplifting spirit. Research creative ways to engage willing participation.
General Activities
Keyser, Eric
Mulligan, Gary
This committee plans, organizes, and oversees all social activities of the club including, for example, the annual clambake, the annual installation dinner, and the annual Kiwanian of the Year dinner.
Klein, Steve
Mazzei, Steve
This committee organizes joint meetings and events with other Kiwanis clubs, and recruits members to attend such meetings and events. A minimum of four (4) members of the club must participate to qualify as an official interclub.
Laws and Rules
Klein, Lou
This committee is charged with ensuring that the club and the Board are compliant with the bylaws, rules, policies and procedures promulgated by the club, the division, the district, and Kiwanis International. Update and gain approval of club bylaws as required.
Major Emphasis
Hall, Ben
Landi, Kate
This committee makes sure that the club contributes in a meaningful way to the major emphasis projects endorsed by the club, division, district, and Kiwanis International.
Crump, Craig
Metichecchia, Amanda
This committee oversees the membership subcommittees, interfaces with the board of directors on matters of membership, distributes and collects new member applications. The committee is responsible to make recommendations to the board regarding new applicants and reads the applications at regular club meetings. The committee also plans new member mixers for purposes of introducing new members and prospective new members to current members. Finally, the committee contacts members that are non-compliant with their obligations, seeking to rectify the problem and, if necessary recommending action to the board when the problems are not resolved.
Membership / Orientation , Education, Mentoring, Retention, Recruitment and Review Subcommittee
Papelian, Ann Elizabeth
Mazzei, Steve
This subcommittee is charged with ensuring that new members receive a proper orientation and education about the goals of the organization and the obligations of its members. The subcommittee interfaces with the new member's sponsor to ensure that the sponsor is properly mentoring the new member. Finally, the subcommittee makes recommendations to the Membership Committee regarding ways to recruit and retain members.
Membership / Senior Members Subcommittee
DeLisio, Paul
Yetzer, Rosanne
This subcommittee is specifically tasked with outreach to members with senior status, in an effort to keep them involved and interested in the organization, and to encourage their activity in club activities and meetings.
Nominating Officers and Directors
Radel, Ray
Papelian, Ann Elizabeth
The immediate past president of the club recruits a minimum of three (3) past presidents to form a committee to nominate new board officers and directors for election by the club membership. They are charged further with nominating members to fill vacancies on the board and to hold an annual meeting for the purpose of the election of officers and directors.
Past KOTY Recipients
Cleveland, Len
Gibbons, Mo
This committee is comprised of all living current members of the club who have received the Kiwanian Of The Year (KOTY) award. This committee is responsible to select the next recipient of the annual Bud Jones Kiwanian Of The Year award.
Past Lieutenant Governors
Teetsel, Al
Hall, Matt
Committee members are all Past Lt. Governors from the Kingston Kiwanis Club. They are charged to handle special Division, District and International business as requested by the Board of Directors. Kingston Kiwanis Lieutenant Governors: 1976 – 1977 Bob Deitrick 1982 – 1983 Howie Whitaker 2004 – 2005 Ray Radel 2007 - 2008 Matt Hall 2008 – 2009 Matt Hall 2010 – 2011 Al Teetsel 2011 – 2012 Al Teetsel 2012 – 2013 Al Teetsel 2017 - 2018 Matt Hall
Past Presidents
Klein, Steve
Papelian, Ann Elizabeth
Committee members are all Past Presidents of the Kingston Kiwanis Club. They are charged with handling special club business/projects as directed by the board of directors.
Program & Reception
Howells, Dave
Koppenhaver, Sue
Administer the weekly luncheons including speaker/program and door duty. Ensure the restaurant is available and make alternative arrangements if not. Advise the restaurant in the event that the club will not be holding one of its regular luncheon meetings. Explore new venues and make recommendations to the board when necessary.
Public Relations
Perry, Pete
Cherny, Charlie
Market Kingston Kiwanis to the public and manage requests from other organizations for advertising with them..
Risk Management
McNutt, Todd
Cherny, Charlie
Advise the club on insurance and other risk management concerns to protect it from financial exposures.
Whitaker, Howie
Corsones, Jim
Review applications, interview finalists and award scholarships based on the funds allocated by the Board of Directors.
Spiritual Aims
Howells, Dave
Geary, Paul
Ensure that sick or injured members receive visits, calls and cards, keep the membership advised of changes in health status of members, and develop and implement Kiwanis projects and/or support other projects with volunteers or financial support that are spiritual in nature. Recommend to the board, financial contributions to non-profits in memory of deceased members or deceased immediate family members.
Youth Services
Raub, Gabriele
Caldwell, Kelly
Oversee the youth services subcommittees. Interface with the Board on matters of youth services. .
Youth Services / Events
Hein, Christine
Caldwell, Kelly
Handle all youth services events that do not have a separate subcommittee e.g. Brookside School Christmas Party.
Youth Services / Literacy
Papelian, Ann Elizabeth
Koppenhaver, Sue
Organize and implement the elementary schools reading programs, dictionary program, Lisa Libries, and any other projects related to youth literacy.
Youth Services / Parades
Backofen, Ken
Papelian, Ann Elizabeth
Organize float creation and participation in St. Patrick's Day, Memorial Day and Children's Day Parades.
Youth Services / Service Leadership Programs
Spearman, Bill
Blair, Sheila
Sponsor, organize and maintain relationships with special other Kiwanis family youth service clubs and service programs advocated by Kiwanis International.