Serving the Children of the World


Since 1915, Kiwanis International has been dedicated to the realization that community service produces community leaders.  Today, Kiwanis provides a collection of service-leadership learning opportunities for youth of all ages known as Kiwanis Service Leadership Programs.

K-Kids clubs provide elementary school students with their first opportunity to work together in service to school and community through developing leadership potential and strong moral character.   The Kingston Kiwanis club sponsors a K-Kids club in Kennedy School.  Please go to  for more information about K-Kids clubs.  

Builders Clubs provide a way to form sound personal values based on experiences in meaningful community service activities.  Leadership development and guidance are critical for the development of middle school and junior high students.  The Kingston Kiwanis Club sponsors a Builders Club in Bailey Middle School.  Please go to for more information about Builders clubs. 

Key Club members are high school age.  They demonstrate a passion for helping others and develop excellent leadership skills they carry with them for a lifetime.  The Kingston Kiwanis Club sponsors a Key Club in Kingston High School.  Please go to  for more information about Key Clubs.   T

CKI Clubs are based upon the tenets of service, leadership and fellowship, with service being the most important of the three.  CKI is the premiere university service program in the world.  Please go to  for more information about CKI clubs.

Aktion Club is the only community-service club for adults living with disabilities.  It provides its members an opportunity to develop initiative and leadership skills to serve their communities, while enabling all persons living with disabilities dignified integration into society.  Please go to  for more information about Aktion Clubs.

Key Leader is an experiential weekend leadership program for today’s youth leaders, focusing on service leadership as the first, most meaningful leadership development experience.  By participating in a hands-on weekend event, Key Leaders learn that leadership comes from helping others succeed.  Please go to for more information about the Key Leader program.